Warren William (not) Under the Stars

Warren William and Loretta Young in Employees EntranceWarren William and Loretta Young in Employees' Entrance


I really thought this would be the year. But no, no Warren William day as part of TCM's Summer Under the Stars.

In fact, he's pretty poorly represented, but there is a really good one coming in September. Here's the currently scheduled upcoming Warren William programming on TCM through October:

  • August 9 - 9:45 pm - Three On a Match (1932) as part of Ann Dvorak day (Hey, prime time at least!)
  • August 14 - 6:45 pm - The Wolf Man (1941) as part of Ralph Bellamy day (Bellamy gets a day?!)
  • August 24 - 2:45 pm - Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) as part of Joan Blondell day (Great day, could have had more WW)
  • August 27 - 4:45 am (actually, early the 28th) - Day-Time Wife (1939) as part of Linda Darnell day (Not great, but different at least).
  • September 17 - 6:00 am - Employees' Entrance (1933) - (Essential Warren William - DO NOT MISS IT!)
  • September 17 - 9:30 am - The Dragon Murder Case (1934) (Same Saturday morning as EE)
  • September 27 - 7:30 am - Arizona (1940) (Baddie Warren in one that isn't shown very often, don't miss!)
  • October 10 - 8:00 pm - The Wolf Man (1941) (Yawn, again. And not even on the 31st?)

That's all that's available for now. There are four movies, August 27-September 27, which are pretty rarely shown by TCM, so this is as good as it's gotten for Warren William on TCM in awhile.

My fingers are crossed with hopes of the September 17 airing of Employees' Entrance coinciding with a Warner Archives release--probably not, but I've noticed that once something new hits TCM rotation it's usually to co-promote the Archives DVD-R. You never know, pure speculation on my part though.

TCM, here's hoping you do the right thing on December 2.

PS: If you're enjoying this month's Summer Under the Stars on TCM please do check out the blog on another one of my sites, ClassicMovieSearch.com - it's being updated daily throughout the month of August with Summer Under the Stars coverage. Thanks!

Warren William as Jefferson Carteret in ArizonaWarren William as Jefferson Carteret in Arizona

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  1. says

    While doing the dishes the other day I amused myself by making my own line-up for Warren William Day under the Summer Under the Stars banner, then I watched “Beauty and the Boss”.

    September is not too shabby. I’ll be sure to make time stand still for “Employee’s Entrance”.

    It took me years (decades!) to become a Warren William fan because of my extremely youthful viewing of that villanous Carteret in “Arizona”. I hope I won’t backslide!

  2. says

    Just saw WW in THE MATCH KING at Film Forum – terrific, funny, star-making performance. The audience ate it up; at the end they applauded. We’ve been keeping a running commentary on WW’s films from the Film Forum retrospective at our Facebook page. Warner Bros Archives really needs to release more of his major pre-Code work.

  3. John Stangeland says

    Wish I could have been there to hear the crowd applaud Warren in The Match King. He deserves it…

  4. says

    Patricia, if by some chance you haven’t seen Employees’ Entrance yet, then circle it boldly on your calendar and don’t miss it–I think I’ve had TCM in my area since 2006 now and this is the first time they’ve aired it since I’ve had the channel! Now that you’ve got enough pre-code WW under your belt the slimy Carteret should be a nice complement.

    Grand Old Movies, Warner Archives really goofed with their “Warren William Collection”. I don’t know what, if anything, to ever expect from them now after that curiosity. I get the feeling the great titles won’t be released until they do a bucket of Loretta Young or Maureen O’Sullivan or even Lily Damita films!

    John, wish I could have seen that too, and just 40 miles away I don’t really have any excuse other than pure sloth. By the way, I apologize, I missed your comment on the previous post (Bel Ami) until I updated here last night. I replied then.

    Come on TCM-December schedule!

  5. says

    I feel so petty, but I have not read many of the posts that highlighted TCM’s wonderful lineup in August. It was mainly pea green envy, and the desire not to have reason to sob and cry every morning — I don’t have TCM anymore, and it is all the fault of the economy — anathema! But I did have to say to you, Cliff, that Warren William is not recognized properly, and I’m not sure why. His movies are good, he is wonderful — doesn’t make sense to me! Somebody wrote an article lately or mentioned, or something, The Maltese Falcon, which I love. However, I plan to get out my copy of Satan Meets A Lady and watch Warren’s take on Sam Spade. I have a set that has all the different versions of Maltese Falcon made — heck, I may watch all of them! But Warren first!

    • says

      Becky, I promise I wasn’t ignoring your comment because of your pettiness, but because I just missed in it in my post-Hurricane catch-up!

      That’s a great set of movies that every classic movie fan should have–I mean you’ve got to have the one, but the other two are wonderful bonuses! I think you’ll be surprised at how very similar the earliest, pre-code version with Ricardo Cortez is to the later popular version with Bogie, similar that is in terms of the script and dialogue. That’s about where that ends! I’m a big Dudley Digges fan and thought he was the best part of that 1931 version. The version with Warren, well, to say it’s much maligned would be a huge understatement, but I like it a lot myself as do a lot of the Warren William fans who visit here. In contrast to the other two it’s played for gags, with Warren playing the character very similar to his Perry Mason and later Lone Wolf if you’ve seen those. Enjoy them all!

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