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  • Warren William, Movie Star

    The best place to start is the original home page written in 2007. While I'm sure some of my thoughts have changed over the past few years it does explain what initially attracted me to Warren William as the subject of his own web site.

    Next, head over to the Warren William Filmography page to find links to all of the films that have been covered since then. Enjoy!

  • Pre-Code Cad

    Early Warren William is my favorite Warren William. William appeared in 19 films between his 1931 Hollywood arrival and the enforcement of the Production Code in mid-1934. Pre-code William is typically aggressive in all pursuits, especially in the boardroom or bedroom. He is the boss.

    Warren is shown at the right on a vintage advertising card with co-star Marian Marsh in Under 18.

  • Pre-Code Favorites

    Among Warren's pre-code work are some of the best leading roles of his career including his breakout in The Mouthpiece plus must see titles such as Skyscraper Souls, The Match King, Employees' Entrance and several other favorites.

    Enforcement of the Code would dull much of the edge Warren brought to these earliest roles.

    Right: Warren William in The Dark Horse.

  • Sleuthing

    But in 1934 he'd be successful in a new niche, taking over the role of Philo Vance and being the first Perry Mason of the screen. He played Vance twice, Mason four times, and later settle into the part of Michael Lanyard, aka The Lone Wolf, in nine movies at Columbia.

    William shown here in between Lone Wolf co-stars Fred Kelsey (left) and Thurston Hall (right).

  • The Mouthpiece Welcomes You

    I'm your host, Cliff, though I go by the name of The_Mouthpiece on this site. If you made it this far it's time to dig into the meat of the site so I want to point you to the latest articles highlighted directly below or send you right over to the Warren William blog. Enjoy!

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